What is a BID (Business Improvement District)?

A  Business Improvement District is a partnership program with Auckland Council and is designed to focus on local economic development and keep our village revitalised by enhancing and promoting the unique, social and environmental qualities and characteristics of Northcote Town Centre.

The principles of a Business Improvement District Partnership program have a holistic approach, which brings together all stakeholders in the village to improve the physical, economic and social environments.

Our Association is governed by a constitution in partnership with Auckland Council under Auckland Council Business Improvement District Partnership Program Policy 2016. An executive committee is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the association and overall financial direction. The executive committee members represent the Northcote Town Centre businesses and building owners undertaking this duty in a voluntary capacity. If you think you have a contribution to this site, or you would like to raise any issue on behalf of the community, please contact us.

How is the BID funded?

BID’s are funded by an additional rate known as a ‘targeted rate’, paid by all business and commercial property owners within the defined area (see map). Although council collects the rate for the BID, it does not spend the rate. 100% of the targeted rate money collected by council is granted to the BID Executive Committee.